Come into my Workshop

Prolost Beta is an opportunity to fold yourself into my creative process. I’m always tinkering with photography, filmmaking, and storytelling tools, and I found myself wishing I could share my works-in-progress with a small group of interested folks. You can reply to these emails and share your feedback directly with me. I welcome bug reports, feature ideas, suggestions for new products, or any other kind of feedback you may have. As a member, you have special access to both my procrasductivity and my implementitus.

What’s coming up in Prolost Beta?

Oh, is this a FAQ now? Okay, here’s what lined up:

Will every email include a file?

No, some will be more newsletter-like, with links or images related to stuff I’m working on.

Why charge for this? Aren’t “public betas” usually free?

I love having a mix of free and paid items on the Prolost Store. The tools I send to Prolost Beta subscribers are real, and they do useful things. By charging a minimal amount, I’m hoping to create a fair exchange, and limit the subscribers to folks who want to engage.

I heard you’re the Chief Creative Officer of Maxon/Red Giant. Will Prolost Beta include sneak peeks into what you’re working on there?

Not directly, no.

Is this like a Patreon?

Yes and no. I love Patreon and support several creators there. But this is not me asking for you to “support” me. I’m lucky enough to have a great job doing what I love. It’s your participation I value in this arrangement.

This is not for me.

Then this is not for you.

How does it, like, actually work?

Prolost Beta is powered by Gumroad. They handle the payment processing, so I never see your financial information, just your name and email address. The emails you receive are like a newsletter, but with a file attached, or a download link.

When you join, you’ll immediately receive the most recent email and file, and you’ll have access to a library of previous posts (since you joined) in your Gumroad Library, which requires the creation of a free Gumroad account.

The subscription price is locked in for your account at the time you sign up, so if I ever raise the price, you’ll keep paying the same amount.

How do I sign up?

Right here.